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I Judged Harshly and I Am Ashamed

I Judged Harshly and I Am Ashamed

  The “Mommy Wars” are ridiculous. Get a life ladies. Don’t judge, just parent. That said, I judged my head off the other day and I feel like a jerk.    I was grocery shopping with my daughter when she stopped in her tracks and announced, “I gotta go!”    “Just a sec, mummy just needs to grab a few more things.” I said absentmindedly.   I continued shopping. I only had a dozen items on my list — all healthy things because this is what we’re doing now. This week anyway. I spotted a larger woman and her bedraggled husband in the aisle ahead of me and I was shocked at what they had in their cart — the junkiest food you can imagine.    I made a snap judgement about them; based on their size, the way they were dressed and what they were buying. I made assumptions about their intelligence and I’m ashamed to even admit what else I thought. “Mummy, I have to go!” my daughter pleaded again. Whenever we shop at this particular grocery store she always has to go. I’m certain it’s because the toilet is on the second level and we need to[…]

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