Have You Seen My EyePhone?

Warning: Do not scroll down if bloody eyeballs make you squeamish.

I don’t know how or why, but a blood vessel burst in my eye. Yes, that rhymes. I’ve always considered myself a pupil of poetry. Perhaps now I will make this writing genre my new focus. But please, don’t lash out if you don’t care for poetry.

Hey, how about a little ocular haiku?

creepy bloody ball
seeping, spreading, reddening
crimson orb, blinking

It seems I just composed the first ever eye-ku. Sorry?

Like I said, for reasons unknown, my left eyeball exploded. The white of my eye was stained blood red. A subconjunctival hemorrhage isn’t serious. It happens — possibly the result of a scratch or a strong sneeze. Or perhaps a tiresome flight on the red eye.

Of course I took photos of it. Wouldn’t you?

The other morning I woke up, rolled over and slowly opened my eyes (both the red one AND the white one) and there was my iPhone propped up on my bedside table, staring at me!

My husband, funny guy that he is *said sarcastically* had reset my homescreen to this. The man is always pulling pranks on me. I’ll have to keep a closer EYE on him…. 


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