A Spoonful of M&Ms Helps The Medicine Go Down

When your child needs to take meds, whether occasionally for an infection, or daily for a chronic condition, being the adult on “dispensing duty” can be difficult. My memory is not what it use to be. I can barely remember to change out of my slippers before I leave the house (true story). So what’s my point? I forget. Oh yes, it’s tricky keeping track of your child’s medications, especially if they require several doses, at different times of day.

Hubby: “Did you give Avery her *whatever drug* yet?”

Me: “Um. Ah. I think so. Maybe. I’m not sure. Crap.”

Here’s a little trick we use around here now to keep track.

A simple a.m./p.m pill dispenser works like a charm but….most young children’s medications are in liquid form – which does not jive with the pill dispenser thingamabobber. So we use an M&M in place of the liquid med. When your child takes the medicine, you give them the candy. Not only is it a bribe to take the icky medicine, it acts as a visual so you or your spouse or any other pill dispensing adult in your home, knows whether or not the medication has been given.

Setting an alarm on repeat helps too. I use my iphone and people think I’m really popular because it “rings” so often. I don’t tell them it’s just the medication alert. I just let them think I’m in demand.

Currently my daughter has Pneumonia—not “Amnesia” as her brother has reported to everyone. “Yes, my boy, they do sound similar. No, they are not the same thing.”

Speaking of Amnesia, my memory stinks. I think I already said that. Anyway, to keep track of these temporary meds: antibiotics, Tylenol/Advil, puffer puffs, everything is written on the family calendar (e.g. dose amount, when meds were started and the date when they stop, any special notes about the medicine, etc.) and we check off when each dose has been given.

tracking kids' meds


This lessens the chance of over-dosing or missing a dose and I don’t mind saying, that notion stresses me out. Now, where are MY drugs??

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