Budget Clipping

It seems all we talk about around here these days is cutting costs. Clearly we talk about it TOO much (and TOO openly) since yesterday our eight year old asked, “Are we poor??”

Oh holy hell. How am I supposed to answer that? Sigh. Naturally we told him we were anything but poor and all was well. I mean, we’re not technically “poor” at least not in the way he was thinking *think all of us sleeping in one bed in a shack down by the river.*

However, we ARE a one income family, living in a two income home in an affluent neighbourhood, during tough economic times….wait a minute. Oh my god, we ARE poor!

So either I need to go back to work (more to come on that tearful discussion) or we have to start sticking to our budget. Like glue. No impulse buys, no dinners out, no stuff. Just essentials. Writing that made my stomach cramp.

We’ve always had a sensible budget, all pretty in an excel spreadsheet – colour coded, highlighted and bolded. HAVING a budget isn’t the problem. It’s actually sticking to it that’s well, sticky.

Anyway, I can guarantee there will be a few “Budget Bloopers” and “Shopping Savvy/Stupid” posts in the near future with titles like:

  • If A Credit Card Is Declined in Sephora, Does It Make A Sound?
  • Can You Sell Your Soul On ebay?
  • Crazy Contest Lady
  • Is That A Roll Of Nickels In Your Pocket?
  • Extreme Couponing: The New 20 Minute Workout?
  • May I Borrow A Cup of Vodka?
  • Beans For Dinner, Not A Winner
  • Trying Out For The Olympic Dumpster Diving Team

In the meantime, here’s my latest cost cutting effort….nail cutting. I take our dog Roger to the local pet groomer to have his nails trimmed every few months. It costs $13. I could technically do it myself. I have the clippers, it’s the nerve I’m lacking. He’s a timid dog who hates having his feet touched. The last time I tried to give him a pet pedi he yelped, nipped and caused a whole lot of doggie drama. I eventually gave up.

Well Roger, I have news for you, you have an appointment this afternoon for an “at home” spa treatment courtesy of moi. Get on board little man or I may have to call share-sies on your kibble… 🙂

*Addendum: I was only able to clip two toes before the dog screams did me in. Score: Roger 1, Lisa -13

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