The Kind Of Mom I’d Like To Be

It’s March Break and my kids are ready for adventure, childlike wonder and some degree of glee. Apparently I’m in charge of providing this. Currently “Curious George” is keeping my curious children entertained while I write. This means I have approximately 22 minutes before they turn their eyes expectantly to me and ask, “What are we doing today mummy?”  

We’re going grocery shopping!! That’s fun. No? But we’ll be picking up baking supplies, not to mention our quest to find a gigantic fort making cardboard box. That ups the entertainment value right?

Do I want to bake or build a fort? Not exactly. What I’d LIKE to do is sit on my butt, drink coffee and watch funny Youtube videos. So why the baking and the fort making? Because I want my kids to look back at our time together fondly. I want them to know they were my priority and that I enjoyed being with them.
I remember how I treasured the time spent with my two mothers.  Not two mothers, like the mommies on “The L-Word.” I mean, I have two women in my life who love me and raised me in different ways.
Of course, there’s my mum. Numero uno. The best. More about this big hearted, super silly lady to come…

But there’s also my other mother. My best friend’s mom, Bonnie, or BF as I affectionately call her. I spent so much time at their house growing up, I was an honourary member of the family. I’ve thanked her in the past for things she’s done, but I’ve also been remiss in saying the words. I’m quite certain Bonnie has no idea of the significant influence she had on my life. She is responsible in many ways for the person I am today and for the parent I strive to be.

She cheered me on, offered advice, and showed me what it looked like to be a passionate parent. She taught me to drive, to cook and to sew (both of which, by no fault of hers’, I seriously suck at). She also taught me the importance of giving children your undivided attention.

She played board games and cards with us any time we asked and would drop what she was doing to join us in a game of “Cheat” (hiding cards in your bra is dirty cards by the way. We were onto you!) She taught us about boys and how to be safe out in a scary teenage world. She trusted us and in turn, we told her everything. EVERYTHING.

Some of my best memories are of days spent doing “nothing” and “everything” with her.

I want to be that for MY kids. The silly mom, the kind mom, the mom who enjoys her children and will put aside everything (including...gasp…the laptop) and be the mom who every kid on the block wishes was theirs.

My oldest has been known to say things like, “Can you put me to bed tonight or do you have to blog?” Ouch. Clearly I still have a way to go.

Some days it’s hard to be completely present when there are so many obligations and distractions. There are times when I multi-task by playing Lego while talking on the phone or helping with homework between tweets and emails.

But some days, I find myself completely lost in my children – oblivious to the tweets and phone calls and piled up laundry. And on those days, I feel like a good mother and know my two moms have taught me well.

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