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Shopping With Littles

Shopping With Littles

  Some days I’d rather walk the plank than bring my kids shopping with me. I freely admit to having low mojo days when, if possible, I leave my youngest at home or bring her along, but strap her securely into the shopping cart, with a snack and my iphone. Does she enjoy being confined to the cart? Not for long. Once her snack runs out, she stages a loud and wriggly protest. The iphone apps don’t amuse her for long either. In fact, once when my attention was focussed on label reading, she “misplaced” my phone. I contemplated having customer service put out a loudspeaker call to find it, but instead I retraced our cart tracks and found my phone on a shelf in the bread section. I don’t have to tell you that left me feeling a little crusty. However, bringing along a pint-sized shopping sidekick doesn’t always have to spell disaster.   Here are ten points to consider when shopping with Littles: Give yourself more time than you think you’ll need. Shopping in a hurry with a child in tow is a recipe for frustration. Never attempt to shop when your child is tired or hungry. Never attempt to[…]

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