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Happy Panda
Wordless Wednesday – Friends
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Happy Panda

This is my feeble attempt at a Wordless Wednesday post. I’ve tried to be all wordless before without much success. What can I say? (apparently a lot). Moving on… You’ve heard the expression “Sad Panda?”(originating from a South Park episode describing an unhappy, disappointed person). Well, my girl is almost always happy. Unless she’s not. But that’s rare and can usually be fixed with a hug or Goldfish crackers. Recently we went shopping for clip on earrings. My girlie girl loved choosing the most sparkly ones and then admiring herself in the mirror. She tried on dozens before she decided on the perfect pair. I give you…Happy Panda!

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Wordless Wednesday – Friends

I intended to post this photo and simply let it speak for itself — that’s kind of the whole purpose of Wordless Wednesday, right?  I have trouble with wordless though. I’d make a horrible monk. I just have to add a couple (okay, 87) words… True friends are those who really know you, but love you anyway. They’re silly and sweet and sometimes carry your leg around with them like a purse. They love you despite your flaws and embrace you for you. Them’s good peeps to hang onto.

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