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I Had No Idea THIS Was An Aging Thing!

I Had No Idea THIS Was An Aging Thing!

Well into fall, the ride has come to a full and complete stop. This weekend our favourite theme park closes its doors, slamming them shut on thrill-seeking fun until next year. No more Tiny Toms or over-priced pizza slices or exhilarating coasters rides until next year. My son and I LOVE thrill rides. It’s something special we share. Every year we ride the rides from opening until dark. My husband doesn’t do rides. My daughter loves them and would happily plummet and spin and hang upside down, though she’s big on courage, she’s little in body. So in the spring, we take her to a family theme park called Centreville where she can experience rides just perfect for her. The only thing I don’t enjoy about some parks is the line-ups. Patience is not one of my virtues. The fast-pass ticket system at Disney is the way to go—for no extra charge you can print a ticket for your favourite ride and avoid lining up. At Wonderland, a park near us just north of Toronto, you have to pay extra for a fast-pass. No thank you. Instead, we attempt to avoid the lines by visiting the park in June when[…]

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