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Happy Planet Soup Will Make You A Souper Star!

Happy Planet Soup Will Make You A Souper Star!

Did you ever imagine adult life would be this busy?? We could easily compare who’s busier, but that would take time and frankly I just don’t have any extra to spare. If you’re not too busy, I whine more about that HERE.  It doesn’t help that I’ve never been great at time management. Did you see my grade school report card post? Spoiler alert…I got an Improvement Needed in “Makes Good Use of Time.” Now that I’m a parent of busy kids this impediment has only gotten worse. My kids have full schedules—rep sports and lessons and classes every day. It’s capital B busy.  I’m not complaining (out loud). I happily accept my duty as a parent to deliver my children to these things. Since I work from home I’m also in charge of starting dinner most nights. And most nights I do. But some days (you know the ones) I throw my arms in the air and wail, “I don’t wanna!”  That’s when I’m temptated to veer into the nearest drive-thru. Never underestimate the allure of french fries wafting into hangy nostrils. I try to remain strong because as great as it smells, I know McFried food isn’t the best choice. When I’m[…]

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