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Bubble Wrapped

Bubble Wrapped

I’m concerned that since my daughter requires a lot of my attention due to medical and developmental issues, that my son pays a price. Though so far he’s yet to be jealous of his younger sister, and in fact he plays a monumental role in nurturing her.   I couldn’t be the parent I am without him and his “lion heart.”   And so I hold onto him, with all my heart. And my two arms, wrapped tightly around him.   Some might say that because my youngest child has special needs and has had her share of medical emergencies, that over-protecting my older child is a natural response.   I suspect that I’d be just as controlling despite the trauma and trying times with our daughter. I’m a worry-wart by nature and a controlling Capricorn to boot. My poor, poor children…    If I don’t learn to let go and allow my kids a little independence, I WILL become the mother from Robert Munsch’s “Love you forever,” breaking and entering into their homes nightly to cuddle them without their (or their spouse’s) permission. That won’t go over well, I’m sure of it.    I recently discovered “Bubble Wrap Kids” on the Slice Network. I watched the first episode and verbally tsk-tsked the[…]

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