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Funny But Not Funny

Funny But Not Funny

  You know those moments when you’re half sobbing, half laughing, basically mortified but not enough to be blinded to the humour of the situation? Of course these ‘simulhumourous’ events are funnier when they happen to other people. But they seems they happen to me more than the average Joe. Like… It’s funny, but totally not funny when you drive over the edge of a snowbank, expecting it to be soft and squishy, when in fact it’s frozen solid like a block of cement. The deafening thunk and your hubcap flying off tips you off. They you have to reverse and slink out of your car to retrieve your hubcap, praying silently that your neighbours aren’t watching in astonishment at your idiotic driving. It’s funny, but totally not funny when you’re woken up in the middle of the night by the sound of one of your dogs—the one with the sensitive stomach—heaving. He pukes on the floor and then jumps onto your bed making a “more vomit is imminent sound” adjacent to your pillow. In a panic you sit up, grab the convulsing canine attempting to make a run for the tiled bathroom floor to spare your Nepalese area rug. In your haste[…]

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