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* Lost Vegas

* Lost Vegas

The internal turbulence I felt before jetting off to Vegas was appropriately matched by the turbulent plane ride. High winds and strings of thunderstorm activity resulted in a bumpy, nauseating flight. No matter – I arrived in Vegas unscathed and ready to roll. Though I didn’t end up rolling any actual dice, I did win a whopping $40 on the penny slots. (This is a pic of my “big pull”). The Pit Boss had his eye on me after that. It’s what they do with us high roller types. (I’ve seen Rain Man and Oceans Eleven so I’m sort of an expert…) So Vegas really is the city that never sleeps. It’s been over a week and I’m still exhausted. There’s so much to do there. Apparently in Sin City, your ass and boobies hanging out of your clothes is a major fashion do. Cursing loudly, carrying your heels in hand while walking barefoot along the strip, littered with shards of glass is another “hot look”. I’m too old for those looks or spandex yoo-hoo revealing minis and glass stilettos, but I held my own. Hippy Birks are hot right? The weekend with my girls passed in a blink of an[…]

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