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Interview Your Child For Posterity

Interview Your Child For Posterity

Age 5 “What Are They Thinking?”   I originally interviewed my son three years ago. I asked him the same questions last year and again today. I plan to do it every year or so (with Avery too, once she’s able) for a sweet look back at what my kids were thinking once upon a time…   1. What is something mom always says to you? 2009 – “Be careful!” (So true. I’m obsessive actually. Poor boy’s gonna have issues) 2011- “Stranger Danger!” (Oh dear, clearly I am an over-protective control freak!) 2012 – “This laundry isn’t dirty!” (Why do they put perfectly clean clothes into their laundry hampers? Oh yes, to drive their control freak mother insane.)   2. What makes mom happy? 2009 – When I help my sister. (Aww.) 2011 – When I take care of Avery because if I didn’t, your life would be way harder (I am so lucky to be this boy’s mum.) 2012 – Clean rooms. (True. A messy room does a cranky mother make.)   3. What makes mom sad? 2009 – When babies cry. (Not true. As long as it’s someone else’s…I’m fine.) 2011 – If I get hurt or if[…]

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