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Honk, Honk

Honk, Honk

My husband helped run a March Break Sports Camp, which our son attended. They brought home some truly wonderful father/son memories but also, some weird bronchial virus. A week later Avery caught it. Her soft voice was soon replaced by what we call her “Jazz Singer” voice. My initial fear was that she had Cholera. What? She had been playing in the yard, frolicking and splashing in stagnant pond water. I thought maybe she had ventilated some bacteria. Sigh. I tend to jump to the most extreme circumstances.   It was just a virus. Mind you, a temperature of 105 is something to be taken seriously.  Also, when your child has a seizure disorder, any illness suddenly becomes extra alarming. What if this fever triggers another seizure? What if it’s a big one? These are thoughts that never go away once you’ve experienced the worst.  So whenever Avery is sick, we follow protocol. Daddy ships out of our bedroom and Avery moves in with me, and I assemble the “Medi Ready Over-Night Kit” — a plastic shoebox filled with supplies including: pre-dosed meds (because who can read the dosage in the middle of the night?), pen and paper to write[…]

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