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Parallel Parking Paranoia Isn’t Pretty

Parallel Parking Paranoia Isn’t Pretty

I’ve been actively avoiding parallel parking since my driver’s test in 1986 when I grazed* the curb during the parking component. I’ve had PTSD—Parking-Trauma Stress Disorder—ever since. I’ll drive around the block seven times in an attempt to find a spot wide enough for me to pull straight in. Parallel parking is for Europeans in minis, not suburban moms in mini-vans. *grazed = slammed into Source On the rare occasion when I’ve HAD to parallel park my stress level has been unparalleled. Last year I drove my friend Sarah to an event downtown. I was fine to get us there. I’m reasonably okay at moving my vehicle forwards and backwards. It’s sideways—specifically sideways into a parking spot—that makes me sweat. Upon finding the perfect spot right in front of our event, Sarah encouraged me to parallel park into the tiny spot….on a one way street, with tons of cars crammed with impatient drivers, judging me. I made three attempts with the final effort landing us up on the curb. And not just a little bit. I was ON THE SIDEWALK blocking pedestrians. Sarah looked at me with shock and pity. Then she said rather sternly, “Get out.” She banished me[…]

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