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Blue Moon

Blue Moon

  It’s a Blue Moon tonight! When I looked up what a Blue Moon actually is {I was absent from science class the day we studied that I’m sure} I was surprised to learn that a Blue Moon is not the result of sticking ones bum out a car window on a chilly night.  I was also disappointed to discover that the moon isn’t even blue at all. It’s just an ordinary greyish moon. What makes it unique is that every two or three years there’s an extra full moon. This has something to do with the lunar calendar and other factors. Lke I said, I missed that day in science class…  My husband and son have been all over an ipad app called “Skyview” (to locate constellations) and they’ve been ogling the night sky all summer long. But, those massive luminous spheres of plasma held together by gravity (yes, I did look that up on Wikipedia) aren’t the only stars we gazed upon this summer… Our son and nephew rocked summer drama camp! Their star performance of “The History of Rock and Roll” was out of this world. One of the best numbers in the show? Blue Moon!  When we[…]

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