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Hoarse Whisperer

Hoarse Whisperer

Source No matter how quiet my husband attempts to be in the morning, he may as well be banging a gong over my head because I can hear his every move. As he leans over to say goodbye as he does every morning, he whispers ever so loudly. The dude has the loudest whisper ever. The volume of his daytime talking voice is much quieter and less jarring than his whisper yell.   Of course when I point this out, he laughs and whispers even louder. I married a smart-ass hoarse whisperer.   At least most mornings this rude awakening occurs at a reasonable hour. Most mornings, but not today. This morning my dear husband got up and showered at 4:45 AM. It seems somebody didn’t turn his watch back an hour. DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME WAS TWO WEEKS AGO FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! Now look who’s whisper yelling.

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