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Random Thoughts In My Head

Random Thoughts In My Head

      This is what I do upon occasion whilst I’m supposed to be working or cleaning my house or grocery shopping or god forbid, exercising. I visit the countless random thoughts in my head and jot them down. I also, upon occasion, use the word whilst. 1. Recently I wrote about how we all eventually fall prey to the dreaded mom cut. So what do I go and do anyway? I get clipped despite my own warning. I was going for more ‘Julianne Hough’ than mom cut. Preeeeeeetty sure I nailed it. Wait, why are you sniggering? I can’t even properly evaluate what’s going on on my head at the moment.  I woke up and immediately pulled my hair back into a stump of a ponytail. I’m a creature of habit. My friend laughed at me because I didn’t know who Julianne Hough actually is. She’s the host of that dancing show on t.v. This is what happens when you don’t have cable.   I’m the one on the right. Just in case you didn’t know because Jules and I are basically twins. I’d better put on a hat. The last thing I need is the paparazzi following[…]

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