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Class Photos

Class Photos

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the words may not always speak the truth.   Case in point, my kids’ class pictures.   My son’s photo depicts him as a social butterfly surrounded by hordes of adoring fans, the consummate centre of attention. In reality, he’s a quiet guy who keeps a small handful of friends close.   My daughter’s picture (below) on the other hand, tells the tale of a child on the perimeter of acceptance. She is the blondie at the end on the first row. A solitary loner at the end of the bench.   In this picture, my daughter may be set apart from her peers, but unlike her brother, she is a social butterfly. She is fully integrated in her classroom. There is no judgement among her peers and she is accepted for who she is.   At first glance, this photo could be unsettling for a family unaware of their child’s scholastic journey.  And not just because of the creepy masks I Photoshopped on my daughter’s classmates due to privacy issues.  Avery adores her teacher, her wonderful EAs and her loving classmates. She is made to feel like a valuable member[…]

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