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Oh Man…She Loves Her Barbie Van!
Make A Wish From The Heart…

Make A Wish From The Heart…

As a kid, I went berserk for Barbie. I had the clothes, the camper, multiple Kens…mmmmm, multiple Kens… And now *a few* years later my daughter Avery is playing “Barbies.” Sadly, I didn’t hang on to any of my Barbies (I gave them to a younger neighbour). It’s probably for the best—most of my dolls were bald-ish after I attempted and failed to master the “Dorothy Hamill” haircut. Not only do Avery and I love to play with Barbies, Avery has her own “Barbie My Dreams” account. This post isn’t about that, but I’m sharing because hello… 1. Barbie! 2. It’s free fun. 3. You can play with Barbie clothes and watch the latest “Life in the Dreamhouse” episodes (Hilarious. Seriously Ken?  Him on his proximity to cuteness~> “I suffer from ‘Hyper Cuteness Sensitivity Disorder‘. Whenever I’m in close proximity to something adorable I, well….faint. It’s quite common.” Hahaha! Also, “Schlond poofda!”). You can also play games, download ebooks & printables, etc. http://www.barbie.com/en-ca/promo/barbie-my-dreams 4. It’s like Pinterest, but Barbie. If you love Barbie or know a kid who does, you’re still reading. If you’re my husband, you’ve already bailed and clicked over to TSN to watch football. I’m so confident[…]

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