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Perhaps it’s attention seeking behaviour or possibly it’s the thrill of being the centre the action. Whatever the reason, my daughter is rather dramatic. I haven’t the vaguest idea where she gets it from. *flips back hair and sighs emphatically*  The first time she staged a “fake fall” we were shocked. We were spending the day at the Royal Ontario Museum as a family when Avery stumbled over a gentleman’s foot. She hit the floor with the force of a feather, but instead of getting up and moving on, she remained face down, arms and legs splayed every which way. The man was horrified and immediately went to her aid. We were concerned at first too, but when she looked over at me and grinned, I knew. She was acting.  Since then our mini Meryl Streep has regaled us (and others) with many such dramatic performances. Like an Oscar worthy shopping cart accident at Chapter’s last week.  Or this horrific (looking) bicycle fail at her cousin’s house last summer. Granted, she did tip over but… in slow motion. She took the time to place her cheek gently to the asphalt and even added some groaning for  effect.       […]

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