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Wishing You A Very Hairy April Fools’ Day

Wishing You A Very Hairy April Fools’ Day

  As usual I’ve left April Fools’ prank planning to the last minute. I toyed with the idea of trading our bald skinny pig with a friend’s furry guinea pig for the day. My children would awaken on April 1st to find bald-as a-baby’s-bottom Ernie had suddenly sprouted hair over night. Fun, right? Probably not as fun for my friend’s kids who would awaken to the shock of finding a bald guinea pig. That kind of sh*t leaves emotional scars. Thinking I’ll shelf that idea. For now. Speaking of cavy savvy gags, back in 2000, The Independent newspaper in the UK reported that researchers had developed a Viagara-like pill to treat sexually frustrated pets. The article claimed there was nothing as sad as a pet suffering from feelings of sexual inadequacy, noting “It’s not unknown for a guinea pig to sit in its cage thinking, ‘I haven’t had sex for months. Am I so unattractive?” Owners were instructed to grind the pills and sprinkle into the pet’s food. The pills were to be marketed under the brand name Feralmone. LOL! Do you include pets in your April Fools’ pranks? Do you even play any pranks at all? Or do you[…]

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