The Two Most Important Things In The World

Avery and I have been home all week. Some random virus latched onto Avery and wouldn’t let go. And because I basically wear my child like a sweater (she likes to be close), I was an inevitable casualty of germ warfare.

Cuddling in bed with a sweet little kid, watching Barbie on repeat, drifting in and out of sleep, isn’t the worst thing. Though I could do without this wretched phlegmy cough. I swear I busted a rib hacking up something that shall not be named.

It’s clear to me now that I need to kick up my health regime. I have a responsibility to myself and to my family. So January, you and I have a date with a little something called, “Get up off your ass you sickly excuse making carb hogging not enough water drinking allergic to exercise blob.”

Until then, I’m resting. And drinking lots of water. And slathering myself in Vicks Vaporub.

I’m ashamed of myself for putting my health last. By ignoring the signs that I was getting run down, I allowed this to happen. And because I’m ill, I was unable to make the trip home to be with my family during a very important time.

Your health and your family are the two most important things in the world. And the two go hand in hand.

Keep yourself as healthy as possible and tell/show your family how much you love them as often as you can.
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