Wonderland Then and Now

 When I moved to Ontario from B.C. in 1987, I left my best friend behind. In body that is, but not in spirit. We’re still best friends ALL these MANY (I can’t even do the math) years later. Every summer Tiff would fly out East and we’d always hit Wonderland.

Let’s discuss my 80s outfit, shall we?
What it lacked in shirt length, it made up for in oddly high waisted cut-offs. And the puff of hair atop my head? Seems I may be partly responsible for global warming as a result of my excessive use of Aquanet.

Even though photographic evidence screams dork, I’m convinced I was hot at the time. We strutted around the theme park like we were all that and a bag a banana clips. We’d arrive when the park opened and were the last to leave. One year it absolutely poured. They shut down most of the rides, but we didn’t let it stop us from having fun. We ran around singing and splashing in the puddles like idiots. To avoid catching cold, we drove home in our bras and underwear—more comfortable for us, not as comfortable for the truckers passing us by on the 401.

Flash forward several decades (again, more hard math) and Tiff is now a busy mama of two and she hasn’t been able to come out here for awhile. I look forward to the day when she and her family can all come to visit. Of course, Wonderland will be on the agenda.

In the meantime, I have a new theme park partner who shares her mother’s love of roller coasters and Tiny Tim Donuts. This summer she and I were invited to visit Wonderland with a group of family bloggers.

Canada's Wonderland 

We came to test out the park’s newest attraction — Wonder Mountain’s Guardian. Avery loved it. As in, she rode it over and over again. The child has no fear. In fact, she’d ride the biggest fastest coasters if she was tall enough.

Wonder Mountain's Guardian

I may be a full grown adult now, but as soon as I step inside the park gates, I feel like a kid again. Until I’m reminded of my ancientness when the kids are fascinated by this odd looking telephone system “we used way back then.”

telephone booth

Well, I may have been roaming this earth for nearly half a century (I just fainted), but I’m still young at heart. Need proof? Take a look at some of the photos I took simply because they tickled my immature funny bone. 

After we took a ride down Thunder (thighs) Run…. I dared a friend to ask the ‘Wax Hands’ guy if he could wax her moustache. She countered by daring me to ask him what other body parts we could cast. We chickened out but made a mental note to return later in the day to check out “Swing time.” I was curious to see what kind of people showed up…

I think the other photos pretty much speak for themselves.

Sill wonderland Photos
It’s no wonder I love Wonderland. Amusement parks bring out the kid in all of us.

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