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A Penchant For Invention

A Penchant For Invention

I’m not a red head, nor do I have a Cuban husband or a best friend name Ethyl. However, I relate to how Lucille Ball relentlessly generated hair brained schemes. Lucy always had a plan and would stop at nothing to see it through to the awkward and often disastrous end. My friends and family always tease me about my “big plans.” There’s a distinct pause on the phone when I say, “I have this great idea. Want to hear it?” Invariably after they take a breath, they listen and offer words of patient encouragement (followed by a very faint snickering, which I can totally hear by the way!). Admittedly, not all of my ideas are gems. My NiftySnail Craft & Activity Kits delivered to parents and grandparents via snail mail took off with snail like speed and then died a slow and painful death (and now I’m stuck with a ridiculous email addy that I can’t seem to shake). My dry-erase freezer contents tracker system and its fancy digital version got freezed out.  The crafting empire I started with my friend Sarah took off, but only for one half of the partnership. Can you guess which half? The half who[…]

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