Bowl Me Over

If you’re sticking close to home this March Break, you may be looking for something to do with the kids.

May I suggest something a little old school?

Bowling baby! Five pin, ten pin, rolling pin, it’s all good.

Mind you, you may as well have dropped a bowling ball on my toe the last time we went. Ouch — it’s far more expensive than I remember. So scrounge up a coupon or a Groupon if you can.

I worried Avery wouldn’t be able to manage the ball, but I was happy to discover the “ramp.”

 An adult safely puts the ball on the ramp.
The little bowler pushes the ball down…
…and awaits a STRIKE!!

Note the sign that reads, “For your safety please do not cross this line.” That’s there for a reason. Avery stepped over the line to chase her bowling ball down the lane. I followed and we both landed flat on our backs. That waxy floor is mighty slippery. You have been warned.

Another thing to watch out for is…little hands in the ball retriever. A hand caught between two balls could be crushed! (Yes, I’m aware of the joke to be made there but this is a family-friendly post about bowling. With children. I’m doing my best to keep it G-rated).

By the end of the first game, my older child had perfected the “Casual Look Back.”  You know, when after releasing the ball, you walk away without looking until finally you casually look back to see how you did?  This may or may not be followed by a fist pump depending on how many pins went down.

Clearly my children get there stellar bowling form from their mother.  I’m looking a little hazy here, aren’t I? That’s what you get when you ask an eight year old in slippery shoes to snap your picture.

Sadly, my moves were so sleek and quick, he wasn’t able to capture my many, many (one) strikes on film. I was certain I was going to win, but “SOMEBODY” tampered with the score when I wasn’t looking…

So, if you’re looking for something to do on a rainy day or to kill some time during the March Break (and by kill some time, I mean of course, spend some meaningful, active time with your kids), then check out your local bowling lane.

To be frank, bowling isn’t as fun as I remember it being when I was a kid. Fortunately, my kids still happen to BE kids, and they thought it was the best thing ever. And that’s what it’s all about really — making special memories, like the ones our parents made for us. With that goal in mind, I’m okay with spending a small fortunate to wear stinky second-hand shoes.

Having a ball. 🙂

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