Bringing Teen Depression Into The Light

Many parents sleep better at night believing that teens and tweens who commit suicide are hopelessly troubled and come from equally troubled homes.

This is not the case.

Recently my friends’ daughter came forward to talk about her struggle with clinical depression. She attempted suicide at the age of thirteen.

Instead of hiding in the shadows, Alyssa has chosen to share her story. By speaking out, this brave and poised young woman hopes to help other kids her age.

If you find comfort in the notion that such a circumstance could never befall your child, you are wrong. Depression is an illness. It can strike anyone, at any age, in any social situation or family dynamic. Alyssa’s home is filled with love and structure and happiness, and yet she wasn’t exempt from this disease.

The fact that she has chosen to talk about her experience, and to reach out to others who may benefit from her message, is a testament to the love and support from her family.

Here is Alyssa’s story. 

How mental illness is affecting one teen and one family.


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