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Slap Face

Slap Face

  Children love to share things with us, don’t they? Their stories, their dreams, their love and…their disgusting germs.    My first few years as a teacher, I was sick ALL THE TIME.  My newbie immune system hadn’t yet built up an adequate cooty defense system. And since I taught young children (who suck and lick things, touch EVERYTHING, pick their noses….often, and sneeze and cough without covering their mouths) I didn’t stand a chance.     Tired, stressed and thus “immune system deprived” parents are also sitting ducks.    Recently both of my children came home from school with library books, spelling homework, and…Fifth’s Disease.     “Fifth disease, also called erythema infectiosum, or Slap Cheek, is a viral infection caused by human parvovirus B19. It occurs most commonly in children with up to 70% of all cases occurring in children 5 to 15 years old.  It’s called fifth disease because it was historically the fifth childhood infectious rash to be named. There is no vaccine. However, once you’re infected with the virus, you’re immune for life against future infections.   It’s transmitted from person to person the same way as any viral cold is spread.  About 50% of people living with someone infected with[…]

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