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If You Give A Kid A Pancake…

If You Give A Kid A Pancake…

….they’ll eat it.    And if the kid happens to live in my house, they’ll probably eat five.   And if they eat five you’ll feel satisfied that you’re filling them up, especially if one of your kids generally eats like a bird.   And if you add veggies to the pancakes, you’ll high-five yourself and sleep better at night knowing that your anti-veggie children have unwittingly ingested a healthy serving of vegetables that day.And THIS is why I’ve been making triple batches of fluffy pancakes and adding a variety of fruits and veggies to the batter. My kids not only enjoy them for breakfast, but also eat them cold as a snack — great to grab-and-go on busy days, road trips and any time your brood is feeling peckish (not a chicken pun despite the photo above).    But what to add to your fluffy pancakes? Any combination of: grated carrots, apples, berries, zucchini, cucumbers, sweet potatoes… totally up to you. Sweet vegetables work best for traditional “breakfasty” pancakes. Veggies like green onions, broccoli, spinach (leftovers from a stir fry dinner perhaps) are tasty, but stronger in flavour and make a more a savoury pancake.  Recipe: “Fluffy Pancakes” Yes,[…]

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