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While I'm not over-sharing on this blog, I'm whoopin' it up Party Mummy style at The Yummy Mummy Club. Being a mother is amazing, but sometimes a mama needs to play too. If you have a minute, pop over and check out some of my posts. I'll make mojitos.


While I’m not over-sharing here, I’m whoopin’ it up Party Mummy style at The Yummy Mummy ClubBeing a mother is amazing, but sometimes a mama needs to play too. If you have a minute, pop over and check out some of my posts. I’ll make mojitos. 


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Cuba—The Perfect Family Beach Vacation

Did You See This Movie As A Kid? Did It Freak You Out For Years Too?

A New Way To The At Making Resolutions

Tips For Travelling With A Child Who Has Special Needs

Orange Theory Fitness: Finally The “Thing” That Works For Me!! 

Why I Think the Bottle Flipping Challenge Holds Water

Let’s Eat Wine!!! 

The Power of Early Intervention


This Cancer Could Have Been Mine

How To Choose A Non-Ridiculous Name For Your Baby

Costume Mash-Ups


How To Be The Mustard That Keeps The Tech Sandwich Generation Together

When A Doll Is More Than A Toy


The Time My Daughter’s Friend Lied To Her And I Thanked Them

I Was Frisked! 

When He Makes It Impossible To Be Friends With Her


The Grass Wars

Host A “Mindful Me” Party Like This

Now This Is How You End The School Year

I’m Too Old To Be This Awkward

Do Certain Sounds Drive You Insane?


Adding “Tard” To The End of a Word Isn’t Funny

How To Host A Taco Party

How To Thwart Warts

When Your Child Stands Out


Shingles Is More Common Than You May Think! 

Game: Fun with Urban Dictionary

Dear Cyber Bullies…

mother and daughter

She May Never Become A Mother

This Catch Phrase Bugs Me!

How I Became A Party Mummy

Spritz Your Wine Pink


This Hot Cocoa Ain’t For Kids

Rainy Day (Kid) Activities To Save Your Sanity

The Skinny On My Weight Loss

Oh How Fast It Goes… *sob*


Read This Before Sipping That Cocktail! 

Beware of Becoming The B-Word

Why Are You Such A Sour Susan?!

How A Simple Play Date Can Be A Game Changer


Strawberry Spring Fling Cocktail Recipe

Mastering The Art of Small Talk

How To Play The Dirty Duos iPhone Game

Why Valentine’s Day Is Useless

Washing Your Hair Like This Is So Wrong, It’s Right

This Hot Male Fashion Is Ballsy

Beaver in the mirror

Heads Up: Hot Male Fashion Trend Seems Ballsy
Heads Up: Hot Male Fashion Trend Seems Ballsy
Heads Up: Hot Male Fashion Trend Seems Ballsy
Heads Up: Hot Male Fashion Trend Seems Ballsy

Accidentally Sharing An X-Rated Selfie. It’s Easy To Do! 

Host A Kids’ Video Game Party Without Losing Your Mind

Keep Your Pets Safe During The Holidays

The Santa Hat Drinking Game 

Why Being P.C. Has Become D.U.M.B!  

friend ship

Friendship In Our Forties

For All You “Taxi Moms”

Super Simple Halloween Party

Host An Easy & Economical Kids’ Craft Party

kids tie dye party

Celebration Hot And Cheesy Spinach Dip

Warm Is The New Cool

All Aboard The Party Bus!

Marshmallow Shooter Cups

hunting for bliss_1

Searching For Life Balance

Do Not Succumb To the Dreaded “Mom Cut!” 

Host A Backyard Movie Party

Gift Cards Are Boring—Here’s How To Make Them Exciting!

gift cards

Ten Corny “Dad” Jokes

Host An Outta Site Casino Night

How Social Media Is Killing Your Party

Have Moms Turned Into Big Babies?

13 Really Terrible Gifts For Teens

Ten Ways To Keep Kids Occupied During A Road Trip

are we there yet

Five Easy Pranks To Pull On Your Kids 

Are You A Hermit Crab? 

Host A Tropical Island Party

Are You Awesome Or Awful? 

How To Host A Luncheon or Shower Without All The Fuss

Is Party Mummy A Party Pooper? 

My Ultimate Dinner Party Guest List

Ultimate Dinner Party

What Happens In Book Club, Stays In Book Club 

Make These Naughty Napkins For Your Next Girl’s Night! (VLOG)

How To Fold (Non X-Rated) Napkins (VLOG)

Host An Adult “Make Your Own Pizza” Party

When Did Christmas Become So P.C.? 

Ten Tips For Hosting An EASY Party For Kids

kids christmas party

Mini Party Mummy

Have Yourself A Kijiji Little Christmas & A Craigslist New Year

Ridiculous Halloween Party Dos and Don’ts

halloween header

Is Forty Too Old For Fart Jokes and Double Dares?

It’s Great To Be Grateful

Invisible Mummy: Life In An Image Driven World

Conferencing With Confidence

15 Things to Love About Mini-Vans

Balls Of Fun: Play These 3 Classic Outdoor Ball Games

ball tangle

Our Happy Family Place: The Cleves

Top Ten Things Never To Do In The Nude. Ever.

If the Autocorrect Game Is Wrong, I Don’t Want To Be Right

11 Fun Offline Activities To Do With Your kids 

Oddly Hilarious Party Games

Share Yourself With Your Kids

Vasectomy Party


Simple Summer Sangria

How To Host A Popcorn & A Movie Party

Twerk It Girl! Actually, Please Don’t

Last Minute Teacher Gifts For Slacker Parents

How To Make Simple DIY Chocolates

chocolate letters

The Kick The Chip Challenge

Unstoppable Moms For Unstoppable Girls

Quick and Easy Appetizers

Cleve’s Kid Club

Prank Call Me Maybe 

Invitation Etiquette

horse looking in

My Experience With A Dinner Party Dink

Mom & Daughter Girl’s Night Out

Plan A House Party With Pizzazz 

Forty Ways To Be A Fool

March Break Fun For Moms

Finding the Joke When Life Isn’t Funny

Dining In The Dark

Enjoy The Oscars As A Family

Ten Of the Funniest Adult Film Titles

Girl’s Night-tini

How To Host A Robbie Burns Supper


Doomsday You Say?

Online Gifts For Babies and Tweens

Is Regifting Rude?

3 Sparkling Holiday Cocktails

How To Host A Cookie Exchange Party

Be Conference Classy Not Conference Clueless

Halloween Party Food

Host A Pumpkin Carving Party

Easiest Thanksgiving Turkey Meal EVER

Host A Pity Party

Are You A Chronic Bailer?

Honk If You Like Peanut Butter!

Make Sushi At Home 

Formal Dinner Parties For Dummies

Date Night Isn’t Just For Adults

Tips For Hosting A (Relatively) Stress Free Kids Party

My Pitch To Erica Ehm

The Great Canadian Caesar

Chilled Red Wine

Host A Dog Wedding (Not even kidding) 

Iced-Tea Cocktails and Mocktails

Don’t Let Your Rhubbarb Rum Amok…Make These Drinks Instead

Celebrate Victoria Day With This Cocktail

Cards (The Greeting Kind) For Cards (The Jokester Kind)

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo With These Recipes

Awkward Party At My Pad

Flash Mob!

A Twist To The Usual Gin and Tonic

The History of April Fools

Easter Jokes To Make Your Day Hoppy

The Almighty Twitter

Call It What You Want, Just Don’t Call It A Sex Party

Authentic Irish Fare For You St. Paddy’s Day Party

Host A March Break Brunch!

Family Games Night!!


Women and Heart Attacks

Are You A Worrier Or A Warrior

Best Luncheon Hack

Top Ten Board Games For All Ages

Saving Frosty: Keep Your Snowman Alive Forever 


Blue Monday—Don’t Let The Winter Blues Get You Down

Chinese New Year—Food and Family Fun

The Best Potluck Party Themes!


Make and Take Cocktails

Grammar Rules For Bloggy Mamas 

How To Open Champagne Safely

All About Champagne

Christmas Eve Around The World


Don’t Feel Gelty About Lazy Latkes


Silly Grocery Bag Gags


The Loaded Questions Game

Some Ghoulish Halloween Inspiration

Let’s Make Some Wine!

Erica Ehm’s Bday Ambush

Host A Yummy FUNdue Party

Potluck Party: step by step

Start A Wine Club

Mexi Corn Roast

Party Like A Warrior

Celebrating My Blogiversary

Red & White Nachos on the Grill

Plan and Host A Lego Party


How To Organize A Fundraiser

Dress The Part—Themed GNOs

Party Dos and Do Nots! 

party do nots

Refreshing Summer Sippers

Cinco de Mayo Recipes

The Best Guacamole Ever! 

Party Graffiti

The Beauty of Baby Shower Games

The Low Down On Mammograms

Ten Tips For The Perfect Cookie


Uh Oh, Porno… 

Family Road Trip Tips

Hangover Cure

Too Pooped To Party

How To Host A Twitter Party

Tried this “Get To Know Ya” Meme?

Sitting on hearth

Deerhurst Resort: Party of Two

Spinning a Sad Salad Tale

Host A Chinese New Year Dinner

Superbowl Chili Bar

Feeling Left Outside the Party?

Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

Host A Budget Conscious Cocktail Party

easy appetizer

Simple Cocktail Party Nibbles

A Christmas Breakfast Tradition

Gift Wrapping 101

Make Your Own Wine At Home

Cappuccino Art

cocao design

Host A Tasting Party

An Awkward Word About “Splitting the Bill”

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