A woman said she recognized me from the vegetarian restaurant. I told her she must be mistaken because I’ve never met herbivore. Ah, veggie humour—it kales me every time.

Sorry. You’re obviously not here for the (bad) jokes. Hopefully you’re here because you’re interested in what it means to be veganish. This page is where I’ll be sharing posts about my family’s veganish lifestyle—recipes, health connections, weight management, diet and special needs,big veggie victories and lame and/or lazy vegan fails. Oh, and there have been some pretty ridiculous fails. If you want a perfect plant based hero, visit Angela at Oh She Glows. She is da vegan bomb. But if you want to hang with an imperfect plant based wannabe, stick around.

This is the place for all things vegan…ish

1. What Is Veganish? 




2. All About SproutingI’m Growing Actual Food On My Counter top!





3. Veggie Lettuce Wraps — A sandwich for lunch, but lighter! 

vegan lunches
4. Costa Rican Rice Bowl — fast, easy, delicious!!





5. Granola Crunch



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