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Protect Your Shoes And Make Them Last

Protect Your Shoes And Make Them Last

  My cat may not be excited about shoe care, but what does he know? He doesn’t wear shoes. Though, I know he’d look adorbs in a pair of kitten heels. Did you know I once brought a pair of battered boots back to life? True story. I wrote about it and in the post mentioned how I was saving up for a sweet pair of brown boots I had been coveting for years. I’m thrilled to say, I have finally been united with these booties. It’s a rather touching love story really… At an outlet mall with my mom last month, we popped into the The Bay outlet. I don’t usually find anything in there, but something drew me in. Shoe serendipity maybe? As I glanced towards the size 8 shoe rack, I spotted the logo. I froze. Could it be? Were these THE boots? And 40 percent off?? I lunged and grabbed the box from the shelf. Like a post–ball Cinderella, I slipped one on my foot and prayed it would fit. It did. With the second one on, I paraded back and forth in front of the mirror. Then I marched across the store in the boots…MY[…]

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