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Affected By This? Then “Urine” For It!

Affected By This? Then “Urine” For It!

  Just imagine how many people pee freely in public pools. Wait, don’t. It’s too disgusting. (By the way, experts estimate ONE in FIVE people urinate while swimming. Thank goodness for chlorine and hot showers).  My daughter would happily stay in her grandparents’ pool all day if we let her—minus the dozen or more times she has to get out of the pool to pee. And not just a tinkle. We’re talking bucketfuls. Literally. To save the poor child from drying off every ten minutes to use the toilet, my mum fashioned her a makeshift outdoor-bucket-potty. “AGAIN?! There’s no possible way. She just went.” my husband would exclaim, shaking his head in disbelief. “What do you mean we need to pull over and use the bathroom at the grocery store? We’re almost home, can’t you hold it?” I’d whine, trying hard not to sound pissed off. Pun acknowledged. During swimming lessons Avery has to leave the pool to use the bathroom two to three times at least. We knew there had to be a scientific reason because on dry land, she’s just as dry as a camel, so what gives? My friend Sharon told me she experienced the same thing[…]

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