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There’s Something Different & He Just Put His Finger On It….

There’s Something Different & He Just Put His Finger On It….

Our ten year old son is fully aware that his little sister is different. He knows about her chromosomal disorder and about her “special needs.” He understands the implications of the R-Word and he’s aware of the range of physical disabilities that exist for so many people. He has been aptly schooled. Of course, he’s learned about Avery’s diagnosis and prognosis little by little. It’s like sex education that way — you want to provide enough information to prepare your child for what lies ahead, but you don’t want to bombard them with too much, too soon and freak them the heck out. He is basically up to speed when it comes to his sibling’s cognitive and physical challenges, or so we thought. I honestly assumed he already knew about her pinky fingers… Avery has a condition called Clinodactyly which is “the sideways bending of a finger joint. It is often caused by an abnormally shaped bone within the finger. Clinodactyly of the small finger is the most common.” source   This condition is usually heredity, but in our daughter’s case it’s a result of her genetic abnormality. My best friend actually noticed Avery’s “shorter than average” pinky fingers before I did.[…]

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