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Super Bowls & Slow Cookers

Super Bowls & Slow Cookers

    <—- This is a rather super bowl don’t you think? My daughter made it for me at school.     But I digress. This post is about another kind of  <—- Super Bowl.     I find football about as entertaining as well, football. Boooring.  However I do enjoy The Super Bowl — if only for the unique commercials, Half-Time show (wardrobe malfunctions in particular) and the super bowls of food!  Chili, wings, chips and dips add up to a tongue touchdown which makes the “sporty bit” easier to digest. This year we’re going to a friend’s house to stuff our faces cheer for our favourite team (*Mental note: find out who’s playing BEFORE the first half). I’m bringing a cheesy dip in my Citrus Slow Cooker. I love these little guys made by Hamilton Beach for Proctor Silex. They come in four cool colours and the 1.5 quart size is perfect for appies.  I plan to bring my Super Bowl dip in it and leave the slow cooker behind as my hostess gift. Hamilton Beach knows a thing or two about making a great slow cooker – portable cookers with lids that latch (great for bringing with[…]

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