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Summer Fun

Summer Fun

The weather here in Ontario this summer has been perfect for outdoor fun. And what tops our list of family friendly activities? The drive-in and geocaching!  The Drive-In A starlight movie night IS summer. I’ve been going to the drive-in since I was a child and I love taking my kids now that I’m all grown up-ish.  Drive-in tips: Arrive early enough to ensure a spot not too close to the screen. This can mean up to two hours before the show (depending on the night and the weather) so come prepared with activities to keep the kids entertained. Many drive-ins have a playground for kids to enjoy while waiting for the sun to set. The drive-in near us happens to have the scariest slide and squeakiest swing set anywhere. Outside food/drinks are not permitted but, if a few bottles of water and some snacks should make it in undetected… so be it. I still head to the snack bar and buy popcorn at some point during the movie anyway. Bring blankets, a sweater, socks (in case it gets cold) and bug spray. Bathrooms get busy in between movies so go just as a movie is ending or after the next[…]

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