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Dove Spa – If My Skin Could Talk

Dove Spa – If My Skin Could Talk

  You said it Sophia! Beauty is indeed skin deep. However, if your exterior happens to look good too, so be it.   I haven’t been taking the best care of my interior or exterior lately. My recent attempt at a “My Movember Make-Over” was a flop. I’m not making excuses but…*insert a myriad of trumped up excuses here.*   So now it’s “Do-Over December.” I’ve been adhering to a strict-ish 10:30 PM bedtime policy. I’ve also been drinking more water. And egg nog. But mostly, water.      I figure these two endeavors alone must be whipping my insides back into shape, somewhat? But what about my outsides?  My skin is dull and crying out for attention.  I could buff out a rusted Chevy with my elbows and don’t get me started on my feet. I have heels of toast.   Taking care of yourself is neither frivolous nor selfish. We all know a happy mom equals a happy home. If we’re energized, the household buzzes right along with us.    Dove Spa’s philosophy is…   Make women feel more beautiful every day by inspiring them to take great care of themselves.    That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout.  […]

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