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Turns Out I Could Have Been A GP GP

Turns Out I Could Have Been A GP GP

  As a child I dreamed of growing up to be a vet (as in veterinarian—I had no interest in being a war veteran. I make love, not war. Plus I look terrible in khaki). Due to my fear of blood and even bigger fear of math and science, this dream didn’t come true. I became a teacher instead and ended up working with animals nonetheless… small human ones. Little did I know I would have to deal with bloody noses and knees and TEACH math and science. My love of animals has been passed down to my children. My daughter is a mini Doctor Doolittle who quite literally talks to the animals. We have enough mammals living under our roof that she’s never hard pressed to find a conversation partner. And my son who has until now stated that he wants to be a zoo keeper, has switched to the occupation of veterinarian. “I don’t like the idea of zoos anymore,” he told us (thank you Blackfish). “I would rather be a vet like Auntie Tanya.” This boy has so much love in his heart, he has plenty to share with all of dog’s creatures (I know. I can’t[…]

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