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Lego Craft Fail: Pinterest, Why Can’t I Quit You?

Lego Craft Fail: Pinterest, Why Can’t I Quit You?

My son has a massive collection of Lego mini-figures languishing headless and mismatched in a bin under his bed. So when I saw this clever idea on Pinterest I thought (with possibly a bit too much zeal), “I will make this and my son will be so pleased!” Spoiler alert: He didn’t give a rat’s ass about this crafty addition to his bedroom decor. He was all, “Um, thanks mum and everything but you didn’t have to make this…” But I did. I HAD to make it. Pinterest made it look so appealing and easy and organized. I physically couldn’t stop myself from making it. My efforts to up-sell this project failed. “But look, you can see all your guys now! And I put them all together with the right heads on the correct bodies! Look, that guy has a little gun. Now if you want to find a certain mini person, it’s right there at your fingertips!” My son: Blink, blink. “Um, okay.” For the love….. It took me bleedin’ hours of digging to find all those little heads rolling around in the bowels of the Lego bin. And hours more to stick on the magnets and assign each[…]

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