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My Love For You Grows and Grows…

My Love For You Grows and Grows…

Moms who gush about their kids online and in person are annoying. The sun rises and sets on your babies. Your little angels are perfect in every way—sweetness and light personified. We get it. That said…. OHMYGOD I love my children!! They make anything else I’ve done in my life pale in comparison. My stomach actually does little flip flops at the thought of picking them up at the end the day, and my lips are magnetically attracted to the tops of their little heads. I physically can’t stop myself from kissing them sometimes. Obnoxious. Before you tell me to get a life that doesn’t revolve around my children, let me just state that this is nature’s fault, not mine. Mother Nature is no dummy—she knows that in order to preserve the species, mother and child must be connected first physically, and then emotionally. It’s a crazy KRAZY glue kind of bond. So even if your kid is an obnoxious little shit, you have no choice but to fiercely protect them, forever. Ah Mother Nature, you sneaky broad. Unlike a favourite iPhone app or a pet whose novelty eventually wears off, the novelty of your children never fades. Children are[…]

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