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Summer Slide Is NOT An Amusement Park Ride

Summer Slide Is NOT An Amusement Park Ride

It’s July and we’re fully immersed in summer fun: swimming, travelling, frolicking but all the while, my nine year old is slip-sliding away…. specifically, his math skills are. All the progress made in the spring is slipping away. I don’t tell my children this, but I despise arithmetic. Words are my thing. It seems my son has inherited my love of literacy and my distaste for addition, subtraction and all things numerical. As an elementary school teacher I know that though all children have strengths and weaknesses, all children can learn. The key is finding the way best suited for them. So this summer, before we slide any further down this slippery number line, we’re not playing around. Er, well actually we are, playing. Playing math games. We have discovered that our son responds well to math games, puzzles and other FUN problem solving activities. Here are three of the brain games we’re playing this summer: 1. Puzzles like this IcoSoku Game from Recent Toys I hate puzzles more that I detest math, but this turned out to be fun. Easier than a Rubik’s Cube, but harder than doing your taxes. It says it’s designed for ages 5-10 but I’d like to[…]

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