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Can’t Wear A Mask? Stay Home Or Wear A Face Shield

Can’t Wear A Mask? Stay Home Or Wear A Face Shield

This “mask wearers versus non-mask wearers” situation is divisive. Like, aggressively divisive. I don’t consider myself to be the least bit aggressive, but even me, a kitten by all accounts, has her claws out.  This pent up frustration is why I “went low” at the grocery store last week. I’m not beating myself up about it mind you. This issue has potential life or death implications. But not everyone sees it that way. Full disclosure—I DO see it that way.  As the parent of a medically vulnerable child, I’m not screwing around. People who choose not to wear a mask or face shield in public piss me right off. So yes, I acted in an uncharacteristically immature and passive aggressive manner. But seriously. Seriously.  The story… I was grocery shopping at Farm Boy, a local grocery store I frequent because it’s small, and their health and safety protocol makes me feel secure. Also, the staff all wear masks, unlike the unionized grocery stores. As well, I’ve found most of their patrons tend to mask up which makes me feel safer.  So when I shopped there last week, I was disappointed to see so many people shopping bare faced. I hid my annoyance,[…]

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