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Kid Friendly Breakfasts

Kid Friendly Breakfasts

  As my children get older, life gets easier. The dogs get fed, dirty laundry actually ends up in the hamper, and the recycling gets taken outside. And not by me. It’s thrilling. It seems kids are good for more than a laugh, a cuddle and unconditional love. Hard labour folks—this is what I’ve been waiting for. My son, and little assistant have added “breakfast making” to their morning chore repertoire. Or course, safety is a concern. No stovetop access or sharp knives allowed. Did you know bagel cutting is the fifth most dangerous kitchen activity?     So what’s a kid to make for breakfast SAFELY while mama flat irons her hair? 1. Cereal. They especially love this Smoothie Cereal.      2. Pancakes (Premade & frozen. Kids just pop them in the toaster).  These fluffy ones are delish!   3. Breakfast Sandwiches. We have a handy little Breakfast Sandwich Maker that’s really easy to use.       4. Toast and Fruit Salad.               5. And their current favourite…Yogurt Granola Parfaits!   The layers don’t actually matter. They’re just fun and fancy. Other ingredients the kids have added include: raisins, honey, cinnamon,[…]

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