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PANCAKE POACHER..CAUGHT IN THE ACT!   Some mornings it takes a good hour for me to fully regain consciousness. In the meantime, I slog through the a.m. routine in autopilot; Get up…get dressed…wash face…feed dog…rouse kids…and stumble toward the kitchen, with one eye on the coffee pot and the other on the clock, trying to determine how late we actually are. (Depending on how far apart the coffee maker and clock are, this can be relatively painful).    As I check my email, a morning ritual which takes no more than a few minutes (I’m not that popular) I contemplate breakfast. Ah breakfast that sweet, welcome break to the nightly fast. When my brain and body are a little more sluggish than usual, cereal with bananas and yogurt and a teaspoon of Salba is the best I can muster. But, if I’ve been on the ball the week before, I can reach into my freezer to retrieve some freshly frozen blueberry pancakes, thus earning respect and adoration from my breakfast lovin’ children. If you’re making pancakes or waffles for the family on the weekend, triple the recipe. Flash freeze extras on a cookie sheet (so they don’t stick together), then[…]

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