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My Teeth May Be Floating But Damn My Skin Looks Good

My Teeth May Be Floating But Damn My Skin Looks Good

  That bandwagon I fell off, the “Mandate to Hydrate” one? Well, I’ve jumped back on. But this time, I have digital support. My hydration help comes in the form of an App called Drink Right. Don’t get me wrong, I can drink right. I rarely dribble down my chin onto my shirt. Unless of course that shirt is new, and white, and the beverage is red wine. Then I spill like the dickens. This App helps the dehydrated get fully saturated by providing (somewhat annoying) reminders throughout the day. It works like this. Download the *Drink Right App from itunes It’s .99 cents, but I got it free when it was offered as a free App from Apps Gone Free. What? You don’t have Apps Gone Free??! Oh my lord. Get it. It’s free and there are at least 7 new FREE Apps offered every day! It’s a steal. Well, it’s legal, but it’s a crime not to download it. Maybe I shouldn’t share? What if too many people get it and then it crashes and then I lose my free App connection? I obviously haven’t thought this through. Set up your specifics Input your age, gender, weight (don’t[…]

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