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Getting A Little Too Jolly….

Getting A Little Too Jolly….

For the love of god why did I stop running??? This summer I was on such a roll. Now I simply HAVE rolls. In three short months I have undone all of my hard work. I trained for and ran a 15km race last August. I was feeling fit and fab. Now I’m fat and drab. If I don’t get back on track soon, I’ll be trading in my Victoria Secrets for these unmentionables… I’m no spring chicken over here. As the big 4-0 looms I know I need to get moving and stay motivated. This is why my yearly New Year’s resolutions have come early this year – etched in chalk on the kitchen wall. My husband was literally laughing out loud as he watched me write these affirmations. He also shouted out a few he’d like me to add. They were funny. Really funny. I asked his permission to include them in this blog. Not gonna happen. I can say however that two of his suggestions are described rather graphically on Urban Dictionary and one I’m pretty sure, is illegal. What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

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