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Really Kevin??

Really Kevin??

I’ve never had a cat, so I’m reaching out to any cat people out there for some clarification. Is it normal for a cat to stand boldly on a stove-top…repeatedly, even after sauteing his paws several times?! You know how toddlers think if they can’t see you, you can’t see them? I can totally see you Kevin. Though he has a beautiful plush bed equip with a dangly toy and cushy pillow, he prefers to stuff himself into baskets. Normal, right? Orange fuzzy kitten scarf!!! One size fits all! Order yours on Etsy. Do all cats have such a lax work ethic? On his application he said he’s interested in computers. Liar, liar, paws on fire. He doesn’t know a CPU from a CPmew. He’s only interested in playing with the mouse! Ask him to take a message and he writes, “Dec. 4th: catnipcatnipcatnipcatnipcatnipcatnipcatnip” Cheeky cat. Lazy or just really, really, really relaxed?? I was told to keep a cat off the counter, spray him with water. We tried it. He seemed to enjoy the light misting. Then I tried splashing him with water from this yellow bowl. Here’s Kevin ON THE COUNTER drinking from the “scary” yellow bowl. Know[…]

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