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Magical Meal Moments…mostly

Magical Meal Moments…mostly

The cheerful chatter, the sweet sharing, the ardent appreciation of your creative efforts in the kitchen — meal time is the cornerstone of a family, and the most magical time.    Haha. Just kidding. It’s exhausting. Nobody is clambering to eat the healthy dishes I’ve slaved over, except for maybe the two begging dogs who are slobbering under the table, getting hair on my pants.   Meals are a balance between casual conversation and intense negotiations. “How was your day? Just eat two more bites!” And let’s not forget reminders like, “Too much! Slow down. Hurry up, its getting cold. Chew! That’s too big, you could choke. Drink your water. Please don’t stab the table with your fork. Elbows off the table. Elbows off your brother. This is my chair, THAT is your chair. Just eat, no more talking.” Left behind are leisurely dinners by candlelight, savouring food and adult conversation. Family dinners are loud and messy. Just like life. Milk will get spilled. Peas will roll onto the floor. Ketchup will end up in somebody’s hair. Kids will pick out the onions. Parents will eat the leftovers from their children’s plates. And someone (usually me) will rest their forehead[…]

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