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Do You Have Spectacula Maculas?

Do You Have Spectacula Maculas?

  Three nights ago I went a little bit blind. Friday Night after Cardio Boot Camp I logged onto Twitter and noticed that my fellow tweeters were making an LOT of typos–leaving out letters and even whole words. I felt smug. At least I wasn’t the only one who made “twypos”! Then I realized they hadn’t. It was me. My eyes were all wonky. It was looking through broken glass that had been smeared with Vaseline. My husband suggested it was eye strain. That sounded reasonable since I’d been on the computer a lot. As I was contemplating this, things worsened. I suddenly saw wiggly white lights flashing from the centre of my eyes, outward. I freaked out and ran upstairs. Not the smartest move in retrospect. The vision impaired should refrain from running up stairs. I went to bed, shut my eyes tight, and hoped I would see things clearly in the morning. If I had been having a stroke or some other medical emergency, ignoring these symptoms could have been well, not good. In the morning my vision was back to normal, with the exception of those annoying floaties passing across my field of vision. I reported this to[…]

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