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My Funny Head … Funny Weird, Not Funny Ha Ha

My Funny Head … Funny Weird, Not Funny Ha Ha

  So far Movember is going well…for my husband. His stache is filling in rather nicely, if you like the porn star look. As I sit here, wiping the sleep from my eyes, blowing my nose, and feeling an all over sense of ick, I can’t say my Movember has started off with a bang. My commitment, though made in earnest, is hobbling pathetically along, stopping frequently to pull up socks and catch its breath.    All hope of a healthy “No-phelgm-ber” have been dashed. My son, covered in a thin film of Vicks VapoRub and cold sweat, crawled into bed with me last night. He coughed and thrashed around and coughed some more. I got about eleven minutes of sleep.    I know this is a blip. We’ll rid this house of these vile germs and start fresh on Monday. I can’t give up on this, on me.   I matter to people. Specifically, the little people who live in my house and the guy with the porno stache.    I made a commitment to get healthy and fit, a “commfitment” if you will. I know, I know, what’s with the lame, clearly made up terms? I can’t help[…]

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